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A business name is the beginning of a business brand. It should be easy to remember and create an emotion with its sound. Here's how to go about getting a great business name:



  1. Think about how you want consumers to perceive the name. Jot down the words on paper and then mark their meaning.
  2. What are some related words and phrases that can raise the emotions in your clients?  A good thesaurus and synonyms dictionary for your words and phrases can help.
  3. Relate more what other languages use the same word or phrase.  It may mean even a bad word or something unrelated to your product or service.
  4. Ask a Friend. Have them tell you how each name makes them feel, and how it sounds or how  they think it is.
  5. Clean up the words or business names you don’t like.
  6. Perform a trademark search. Make sure no one is using that because you can be sued to be enjoined from using it.
  7. Register a domain name.
  8. Search the internet for possible domain names.
  9. Perform a nationwide company name search to see if others use it.
  10. Register your assumed name or file an LLC or corporation.


  1. Don’t use names such as Bob’s painting company, or Robert’s Hardware.
  2. Don’t use a name that describes the actual product or services such as legal document services.
  3. Don’t use the city or state your business is located because you may expand your business nationwide or even globally.
  4. Remember: Short and easy is better than long and difficult.

What You Need:

  • A thesaurus
  • A synonyms dictionary
  • Objective review by others



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File / Register or Record Your Business Name & All Licenses You Need To Start Your Business  Today!

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